Verizon Phone Number Lookup - The Truth!

Looking for a free Verizon phone directory to lookup Verizon phone numbers? Unfortunately, the company doesn’t publish an official phone directory. Earlier Verizon used to provide a proprietary directory for conducting lookups on wireless and landline numbers, but they discontinued this service back in 2011, for privacy and security reasons. So, if you want to lookup a Verizon phone owner for legal reasons, Pro Phone Detective offers you the tool, to quickly and accurately search any phone number owner.

Free Vs Paid Phone Directories

There are numerous third party sites that provides both free and paid Verizon reverse phone lookup, only a few are legitimate. Most of the sites promising of free services are purely scam.

Few legitimate sites in the list are, and But the main disadvantage of using a free directory is, they are limited to landline and toll free numbers only. Other drawback includes inaccurate and outdated results.

Our paid directory not only works for landline but also covers Verizon wireless and business phone numbers. We also ensure accurate and updated results by regularly updating our database with fresh records.

Why Choose Our Verizon Phone Number Lookup?

Few advantages of choosing us over other Verizon phone number lookup are;

Our easy to use search engine. Just enter the phone number you want to lookup and hit the search button. You’ll have all the information about the owner at your fingertips.

We have an access to billions of phone numbers including cellphone, telemarketers, business and landline numbers. We not only specialize in Verizon phone lookups, but also offers reverse lookups for Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and other carriers.

Privacy & Security

Yours Privacy and Security is important to us. To ensure privacy, we keep all your phone searches discreet. So you can investigate the phone number without concerning whether the owner will find out about it.

Security of your information is our priority, as a result, your connection to the database, payment details and other information are encrypted (using 256 bit SSL technology) before sending them over the network.